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Get organized and get started

Is it just us or do we become busier each year? It’s so easy to push that cherished dream off into the indefinite future when you’re unsure how to start and there’s no time to figure that out anyway.

We help creatives break their ambitious plans into manageable subtasks, and carve out time to make progress — however small — each week. Those quick wins add up to real progress!

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Stay on track

There’s nothing more exciting and rewarding than seeing your dream project grow week over week. Why is it that we get sidetracked so easily?

Fortunately, there is an easy, practical solution: having an accountability buddy. We’re not talking about friends and family here. You know they like you too much to be tough when deadlines come and go. Walden is encouraging, helpful, and supportive but very serious about getting this project off the ground.

Breeze past roadblocks

Accountability is great and all, but what about the obstacles that inevitably crop up and keep folks stuck for weeks?

Glad you asked! Our Walden coaches have been there and done that. We are chock full of useful tips, best practices, and recommendations. From trying the various tools of the trade to hiring experts, we’ve pretty much seen it all. No need to spend hours researching online— simply ask!

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The possibilities are endless. The results are priceless.

Plans website
Build a website
Plans podcast
Make a podcast
Plans business
Start a business
Plans blog
Publish a blog
Plans sideproject
Launch a side project
Plans startup
Fundraise for a startup

And more!

Make their dreams come true this year

Give the gift of expertise, accountability, support, and achievement.

Starting at $25

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What creators are saying

“I’ve accomplished so much in the last month that I couldn’t imagine going back to life without Walden. My coach is a trusted advisor, assistant, and cheerleader all in one!”


Sophie B.

“I had a side project that felt a bit overwhelming — making a new flavor of ice cream. When I was having trouble sourcing the mix-ins, talking with a project coach helped me figure out how to get through to the next step of making my Minimum Viable Product.”


Matt H.

“Walden is great! I continue to be obsessed. $150 is a small price to pay if it offers the assurance that I will finish what I start. The money I’m investing is potential. Hell is the frustration of unfinished business and unactualized potential.”


Cady M.