Want to become a Walden Producer?

Walden is a mobile chat application that helps creatives stay on top of their personal projects. Clients get matched with a personal producer to help stay motivated, organize their work, and translate ideas into action.

As a Walden Producer, you’ll be responsible for working directly with clients to keep their projects moving forward. You’ll be constantly context switching between various types of projects, and get up to speed quickly on various business, technical, and creative concepts. We’re looking for someone who has previous experience with keeping people or teams organized, motivated, and finishing projects.


As a Producer, you will

  • Break down big ideas into smaller chunks of work
  • Sequence roadmaps and weekly tasks
  • Listen and communicate with clients
  • Help people get unstuck in their processes and workflows
  • Evangelize the Walden mindset, understanding and living its values, principles, and practices


  • Experience managing projects
  • Experience with customer support
  • Experience within a technical or creative field (bonus points for both!)
  • Knowledge of how small businesses run and operate
  • High level of attention to detail

Nice to have

  • Leadership skills
  • Time management skills
  • Good math and budgeting skills
  • Good analytical skills
  • Experience working in design-centered companies
  • Comfortable communicating in business and technical language
  • A “learn by doing” attitude

Time to get your projects off the ground.